T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool

The Arc'Warm Motorcyclist Thermal T-Shirt has exceptional comfort, a perfect fit and thermal, self-regulating properties that will make you forget you're wearing it.

T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool
  • T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool
  • T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool
  • T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool
  • T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool
  • T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool
  • T-Shirt Arctic Merino Wool
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Unisex Thermal T-shirt for Bikers Merino Wool

We are going to put the most important thing and perhaps what generates the most doubts among customers and motorcycle users who are interested in this type of products, what are the differences between the ArcticStorm and Arctic t-shirt.

The ArcticStorm t-shirt, (you can see it at the following link: Arc'Warm ArcticStorm T-shirt) is the combination of an Arctic t-shirt, exactly the same product plus a front WindStormProff membrane, one more layer, what is achieved with this?, greater external insulation and greater heat retention Body, in summary, it can be said that with the ArcticStorm t-shirt, you can circulate at somewhat lower temperatures than with the Arctic.

The Arctic t-shirt is made of 285gr/m2 Merino Wool as well as other fibers to help withstand the cold better with fewer layers.

Description of the T-Shirt Merino Wool Arctic Biker T-shirt

The Arc-Warm biker t-shirt's main function, apart from providing excellent thermal comfort, is to be comfortable to wear and forget that the are wearing, for us, if we achieve these two objectives, our expectations of enjoying the route will be fulfilled, without thinking about anything other than driving.

The cut of the Merino Wool Arctic t-shirt is Semi-Compressive for a correct thermoregulatory function of the Merino Wool, it is tight but at the same time light and not uncomfortable to wear. to wear, honestly, you don't notice you're wearing it.

In its development, the best materials have been used for exceptional temperature regulation, anti-odor and with the best thermal protection.

Manufacturing of the Arctic Merino Wool T-Shirt

The Arc'Warm Merino Wool motorcycle shirt is constructed from the best Merino wool and with a density of 285g/m2 to provide what is necessary in every situation.

T-Shirt -Arctic-M-Wool-front-rear-descripcion-imagenesoptimiza.jpg

Equip yourself to go out on a motorcycle with full guarantee with our FBTP Full Body system Thermal Protection

You can combine the Arc'Warm thermal merino wool motorcycle t-shirt with our motorcycle helmet and get a perfect combination for the harshest winter weather, you can see the motorcycle helmet here.

And without forgetting the lower extremities with our thermal pants in Merino Wool</ a> and our merino wool motorcycle socks.</p >

If you want to have a complete protection system inMerino wool for riding a motorcycle, you would need to combine it with our motorcycle undergloves, Underglove DUO Arctic with the new DUO system, you can read more by clicking on the links.


Data sheet

Merino wool
Anatomically Fitted
Antrimicrobial Properties
Evacuates Moisture
Extremely Elastic
Prevents itching and irritation
Self-regulating Temperature
Water repellent

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