Introducing our WindSormProof membrane, specifically for motorcycling.

In the Arc'Warm project, it was clear to us that certain products must have a windbreaker, commonly called WindStopper, to prevent the penetration of outside air into our body and therefore the loss of body heat at a high rate.

Our membrane is totally windproof and extremely waterproof, it also has an extreme breathability, to avoid sweating and cooling, perspiration, we offer the data with total transparency with the R.E.T. that we explain below:

The RET in a technical membrane for travelling by motorbike

Many bikers are unaware of this membrane and it is of vital importance when it comes to riding in comfort and safety.

What is RET in a motorbike membrane?

There are two methods to measure the breathability of a membrane, the MVTR or the RET, we explain below the concepts of both methods:

MVTR o Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate

The MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) also known as MVP (Moisture Vapour Permeability) is a method that specifies how much water vapour can pass through a fabric, measured in grams per square metre in 24 hours.

A figure above 10,000 g/m²/24h is suitable for mountain activities, with figures above 20,000 g/m²/24h recommended for highly aerobic activities.

RET o Resistance to Evaporative Heat Transfer

The RET measures the resistance of the fabric to the passage of moisture and, therefore, a fabric will be more breathable the lower its RET is. The RET (Resistance to Evaporative Heat Transfer) is measured in Pa.m²/W, here is the scale of RET degrees:

  • RET 0-6: Very good. Extremely breathable. Extremely comfortable during activity.
  • RET 6-13: Good. Very breathable. Comfortable during activity.
  • RET 13-20: Normal. Breathable, but not very comfortable during activity.
  • RET 20-30:Deficient. Hardly breathable. Minimal comfort during activity.
  • RET 30 or more: Very poor. Not breathable. No comfort during activity.

The MVTR is what we have always commonly seen in mountain clothing and even on motorcyclists, being the most "commercial" in the eyes of the consumer, even leading to error by their large numbers, indicating the degree of Waterproofing and Breathability, 10.000g/m2 Waterproofing-5.000g/m2 Breathability, we in this case, we have decided to measure the WindStormProof membrane with the RET.

The membranes used in Arc'Warm are WindStormProof Membrane, which has a RET of less than 0.5, extremely breathable and windproof, and we can assure you that it is highly waterproof, although for us this is not relevant, what we were really looking for was maximum breathability to prevent body moisture from being trapped between the Merino Wool layers and the WindStormProof Membrane, so that moisture will be optimally wicked away to the outside, keeping body heat at a maximum and comfort in use for hundreds of kilometres on your motorbike trip.