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The Arc'Warm project, manufacturer and online shop, took its first steps in 2020, right in the middle of the global pandemic. At that time, a group of bikers set out to develop a new concept in thermal clothing. The goal was to design and manufacture the best thermal clothing for motorbikes that we could make and the challenge was to materialize it. With great enthusiasm we started to make the first sketches, looking at what was on the current market, the fabrics that were available and what the needs of the demanding biker really were. Not just any garment would do, we had to make the best in each range. Our knowledge, expectations, and the great experience we have helped us to determine the main objectives: comfort on the road and thermal protection.

Among the members of the Arc'Warm project are Irene Herráiz and Guillermo Herrero, managers of the distribution company Grupo Guiren, and Motorraiz S.L. which is a shop selling and distributing products for motorbikes with 13 years of experience in the motorcycling sector. The project has been joined by Javier González as a business advisor and consultant and part of the Motorraiz team, offering all the experience and knowledge he has, together with our friend Luis de Alburquerque, who has managed the supervision and coordinated the creation of the products in Portugal.

We have been able to develop what we think is the best motorbike thermal clothing we could manufacture. And this has been thanks to the experience gained in the Motorraiz company, the direct contact and communication with customers, knowing the real needs of the end user. Likewise, being in direct contact with the main brands in the market, knowing in depth the materials used in the composition of current garments and participating in product tests and trials over the years, has been a key factor in the materialisation of Arc'Warm garments.

The experience of the members of the Arc'Warm project is as we say very wide, more than 20 years related to the motorbike sector, specialised in the distribution of clothing and medium and medium-high range products of the motorbike sector, which has given us a very broad vision of what the market lacks, what motorbike users need for their trips and motorbike routes, as well as what to offer for a total satisfaction of the demanding bikers.

Why Portugal and not Asia or similar?

For the realisation of such an important project, and in which we had high expectations, we had to make the product in Europe itself, and close to us in order to be able to make the necessary follow-up in such a large-scale project. In this case, the production of Arc'Warm has been developed in several locations in Portugal committed to sustainable development and local production, (you can read more by clicking here), to be able to supervise it in a firm way and that the final result was 100% what we had designed, so we looked for the best factories, those with a high degree of quality and experience. We knew that by working in this way, the costs would be more expensive and could be a handicap when it came to selling. However, in order to achieve the premium product we designed, it was necessary to take certain risks, and so we did.

In mid-2021 the first samples arrived and until today, it has been a continuous stream of experiences, ups and downs, mistakes solved, falling down and getting up again, strong emotions and rewards for a job well done, until 14-12-2022 where the Arc'Warm project sees the light of day.

Comfort on the bike, our main reference.

Comfort has always been the reference that we have always valued the most when riding a motorbike. Really, if you don't notice that you are not wearing clothes, it is synonymous that you are very comfortable on your motorbike trip, that's why our objective has been and will be in future products the Comfort on the Road.

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Thermal protection on motorbikes, our objective.

Thermal protection is the main objective of any thermal clothing. In addition to thermo-regulate the temperature when it increases or decreases, getting a product with a very high range of use in temperatures as diverse as from -5º to +20º and go comfortably in each of them. For this reason, we have opted to provide all our garments with Merino Wool in a high grammage, to achieve the objective of Thermal Comfort in your Motorcycle Trip.

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We have been dedicated to the motorbike sector for almost 20 years and this has allowed us to know which are the best materials with which we can obtain high quality products for the most demanding motorcyclist.

Arc'Warm's philosophy is based on the four values that represent the spirit of any "biker": ADVENTURE, COMFORT, PROTECTION and QUALITY.

The thermal solutions that our motorbike thermal clothing brand Arc'Warm offers riders are the result of intensive development, elaborate design and meticulous manufacturing of the best quality thermal clothing, designed so that you can enjoy your motorbike routes without inclement weather being an impediment to keep riding for miles.

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As bikers at heart, we can only wish the best for you and your companion, we can only wish you Arc'Warm, the journey begins now.