Many of our customers come to us with doubts about these two concepts, here we give you all the information you need to know about these terms so that your purchases are as informed as possible.

What is merino wool?

Merino wool is a type of natural fibre obtained from the hair of the Merino sheep, a breed of sheep native to Spain. This wool is known for its softness and for being highly resistant to water, which makes it an ideal material for the manufacture of technical clothing such as biker clothing.


Characteristics and advantages of merino wool

One of the main characteristics of merino wool is its ability to regulate body temperature. Due to its microscopic structure, Merino wool can absorb a large amount of moisture without feeling damp to the touch. This allows the skin to breathe and prevents sweat build-up on clothing, keeping the biker dry and comfortable in both cold and warm climates.

In addition, Merino wool is a material that stays dry, even when it gets wet. This is possible thanks to its molecular structure, which allows it to retain moisture and release it when it evaporates, thus keeping the body temperature constant.

In winter, Merino wool helps to retain body heat thanks to its ability to trap air in its fibres. This prevents the biker's body from losing heat and maintains a constant body temperature. In addition, merino wool is highly breathable, which allows sweat to be wicked away and prevents moisture from accumulating on the skin, which can lead to chills.

In summer, merino wool is also an excellent choice due to its ability to absorb and release sweat quickly and efficiently. This allows the body to stay cool and comfortable, preventing excessive sweating and odour.

Another advantage of merino wool is its durability. This wool is resistant to abrasion and deformation, which makes it an ideal option for technical garments used in demanding environments (such as travel and motorcycling). It is also a material that stays clean longer than other fibres, which makes it an attractive option for garments used in outdoor activities.

This quality makes it an ideal material for the manufacture of clothing for bikers looking for technical garments for their motorbike rides. At Arc'warm we are specialists in these technical motorcycle garments, so if you are looking for quality and reliability, be sure to visit our products 100% made in Spain and get your technical motorcycle clothing made of merino wool now.


Why have we decided to use Merino Wool in our motorbike products?


After many years in the sector and with many thousands of kilometres behind us, we have seen how fragile the human body is thermally speaking on motorbike routes, and how exposed we are to changes in temperature, tired of trying and trying solutions from the general market, (allow us not to name names, but we all know them) megastores with extremely cheap products, that the only thing we did with them was buy, use and throw away, but that were never really effective when they were really needed.

As we mentioned, tired of it, we decided to look for the best base fabric for motorcycling. There are many synthetics to choose from derived from the high mountain, dozens of different ones, Polartec, Thermal, Thinsulate, etc., once we tested them all and evaluated them together with Merino Wool there was no discussion, Merino Wool is more expensive, more complex to produce and manufacture but the level of thermal comfort is superior, therefore, we decided to make it with this wonderful natural fibre and develop the best thermal product for motorcycling that we could get.

Is the Merino wool used in Arc'Warm certified as being of animal welfare origin?

It is extremely important to us that our products are sustainable over time and in the manufacturing process, as well as the fabrics used, including Merino wool, which is certified as a 100% natural product and IVN Best certified for Italy (SWGI) by ICEA No.: IVN 001-2016.