Here are some recommendations for travelling by motorbike. No doubt, whether you buy Arc'Warm clothing or not, they will be useful to you.

Motorbike Riding Coat System

If you're not used to riding motorbike routes, motorbike trips or medium-long distance journeys, you may not have heard of the layering system that you need to take into account when dressing for riding your bike. Here we talk about this system that will help you to stay cooler or warmer on your motorbike rides.

What is the Moto layering system?

The 3-layer system is the basis for dressing correctly for any outdoor activity in adverse weather conditions. It is a very widespread system in outdoor clothing, mountaineering and running among other activities, but with different needs in the practice of motorcycling.

In activities where medium and high physical activity is required, in the above mentioned Outdoor, Mountain or running or even cycling, the thicknesses of the first layer vary to lesser thickness, in addition, to combine with other fabrics and percentages of the same, so that for that same activity works perfectly according to the need, in the same way, for the practice of motorcycling other percentages of fabrics are needed, construction for more passive activity and greater thicknesses to ensure the minimum loss of body heat without leaving aside the maximum breathability.

In the biker world, we talk about the layering system for motorcycling, with the first layer, we will evacuate moisture and provide extra warmth to prevent heat loss, with the second layer we will further prevent the loss of body heat keeping it and with the third layer, we will be protected against falls, rain and wind.

The importance of each layer in the motorbike layering system

Here is the importance of each layer to ensure that the system provides you with maximum efficiency on your motorcycle rides. The more complete this system is and the more you use quality technical clothing (such as Arc'Warm), the more comfortable and safe you will be when riding your bike.

First Inner Layer + Thermal

Our Arc'Warm Thermal Shirts and Trousers should be the first layer, directly in contact with the skin, providing thermal comfort thanks to the MerinoWool with superb temperature self-regulation, it also wicks sweat away from the skin avoiding the sensation of dampness and prevents the body from getting cold, in this shirt, we can add an extra with our WindstormProof Windbreaker range, which will provide even better thermal comfort in extreme cold conditions.

Second Thermal Insulation Layer

A good thermal lining, whether in jacket or trousers, is really important. In the case of the jacket it can be of the type that comes with the cordura jacket itself or can be purchased separately.

The function of this second layer is to provide thermal insulation, preventing the loss of body heat.

From the Arc'Warm team we recommend that this layer is closed separately to ensure that the 3-layer system works perfectly, avoiding the loss of internal body heat.

Third layer of protection + Exterior

In this layer the ideal is a good waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane, usually the cordura motorbike jackets themselves have a built-in membrane, call it Gore-tex, D-Dry, H2o, Hydratex, Outdry, etc., these membranes are usually laminated in high-end motorbike jackets, usually Gore-tex 2L or Gore-tex Pro 3L. Sometimes they may not be laminated, which is called a Z-liner.

The combination of the outer shell and the membrane will give the biker protection against abrasion in case of a fall and protection against rain and air thanks to the breathable membrane.


Is it possible to increase the thermal protection for extreme motorbike trips?

Yes, you can always increase it but remember, quantity is not synonymous with quality, no matter how many layers you wear, you will not be warmer, on the contrary, they will make you sweat and cooling is very dangerous for those motorbike routes, as well as making the trip uncomfortable due to the low mobility that the layers and layers you wear will make you suffer, which is not at all recommendable.
For those motorbike trips where temperatures below -5º is a constant, we recommend putting a second layer between the first and the second, it is not necessary that it is close to the body and it is recommended that it has a good breathability, this will help to avoid sweating and retain and reduce the heat loss that can occur between the first layer and the second which is the main problem of the cold sensations.

If you have any questions about equipment, we will be happy to help you by any of our means of communication.

All in all, well equipped for our motorbike trips, we will enjoy the motorbike route to the fullest, with the passive safety that good equipment gives you, see you on the road!