Sizing guide for our thermal motorbike clothing

In the sizing guide, we have taken several variables into account, and the ones we have emphasised the most are comfort and functionality.

For Arc'Warm, comfort when riding a motorbike is extremely important when purchasing a product. If a product is comfortable, you won't even notice you're wearing it and we will have achieved our goal.

Also, the functionality has been given the weight it needs, for the Merino Wool to do its job properly, it must be in direct contact with the skin, therefore, for the sizing guide is a variable that we have given the appropriate importance.

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Points to take into account when choosing your size in technical motorbike clothing

Choosing the right size of technical clothing can be critical to getting the most out of your motorcycle riding. Technical motorbike clothing is specifically designed to offer a wide range of benefits that can help you improve your performance and feel as well as keep you comfortable on your ride.

However, it is also important to be aware of the potential disadvantages of choosing the wrong size. Here is a list of the main benefits and disadvantages of choosing the right size of technical clothing for you:

Benefits of choosing the correct size of technical motorcycle clothing

First of all, in the case of our Arc'Warm motorbike thermal clothing made of Merino Wool, it is extremely important to have a size that fits perfectly to our body to guarantee a good protection against wind and cold.

When clothing is too loose, all the benefits of Merino Wool are lost, air can get in and out easily, which can lead to chilling and consequently a decrease in body temperature on your biker rides.

La correcta libertad de movimientos es algo importantísimo en tus salidas moteras, hemos de tener en cuenta que cuanto más cómodos durante la conducción estemos, más disfrutaremos de la ruta en moto.

Disadvantages of choosing the wrong size of technical motorbike clothing

We must bear in mind that if we choose the wrong size of our technical motorbike clothing for a prolonged biker outing, the clothing may become uncomfortable and cause chafing, itching and even wounds. 

In addition, choosing the wrong size of technical motorcycle clothing will cause its thermal properties to decrease as moisture wicking and all the above mentioned features cannot be guaranteed as stated in our features.

If you have any questions about your Arc'warm technical clothing size, you can always find us at the other side of the keyboard at