UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool

The Arc'Warm underhelmet for demanding bikers is for us a must-have for comfort in extreme cold.

UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool
  • UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool
  • UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool
  • UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool
  • UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool
  • UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool
  • UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool
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Size guide for our UnderHelmet ArcticStorm M-Wool motorbike helmet

In order for Merino Wool to perform its self-regulating function optimally, we recommend wearing our products directly on the skin and close to the body, so you will notice that our UnderHelmet has a snug fit.
In this range, we add the WindsTormProof membrane, which allows greater thermal protection and retention of body heat, and prevents air penetration to the neck and in the case of rain, it will also keep it away from our body.

For the UnderHelmet ArcticStorm, the size guide is extremely simple, there are only two sizes, and they are equivalent to the helmet sizes we have.


Description of the UnderHelmet Merino Wool ArcticStorm Motorcycling Helmet

The main function of the Arc-Warm WindStopper motorbike helmet, apart from providing excellent thermal comfort in the most extreme situations, is to be comfortable to wear and to forget that you are wearing it. For us, if we achieve these two objectives, our expectations of enjoying the route without thinking about anything other than driving will be fulfilled.

In its development, the best materials have been used for exceptional temperature thermoregulation, with anti-odour and the best thermal protection.

Composition of the Arc'Warm thermal underhelmet for motorcyclists

Given the intended use of the Arc'Warm underhelmet on your motorcycle routes, and the final objective of the same, we have defined an extremely comfortable pattern which is the first thing you look for in a product of this type for use on a motorbike, a second skin that you don't even notice you are wearing, that does not allow air or water to pass through in the front area, and in addition, combined with exceptional thermal properties, without forgetting the breathability on the top of the head.

60% MERINO WOOL, natural product with certificate IVN Best certified for Italy (SWGI) by ICEA Nº: IVN 001-2016
The Merino Wool fibre,
the percentage of Merino Wool that this product has together with the WindStopper, is the necessary to provide greater warmth, it is very soft to the touch, it does not produce the typical itching of the conventional wool, it is water repellent, so it is a perfect fibre for the Autumn-Winter and Spring seasons, besides being an excellent fibre that self-regulates the body temperature in a constant way, in situations of cold or heat, the thermal variation index in the body, remains stable.
And as if that were not enough, this fibre has natural antimicrobial properties, delaying the appearance of bad odours.


15% POLYAMIDE,we endowed the Arc-Warm ArcticStorm underhelmet with a high tensile strength and reinforcement in the Windstormproof membrane, due to the extended donning and doffing actions in addition to the use, also has a high moisture transfer to the outside improved by quick drying, and high thermal properties.


20% COOLMAX POLYESTER, for the upper part, we provided the UnderHelmet with a very breathable fabric to keep you comfortable during the whole route..


5% ELASTANE, in the Arc'Warm motorbike thermal underhelmet, we have incorporated a higher level of Elastane to improve comfort during use. Elastane is an extremely elastic fibre, it provides elasticity to the fibres for improved comfort.


After thousands of kilometres of testing, we are confident that we have created a premium product of the highest quality, unlike anything else out there for the discerning biker who has only one goal when buying motorbike specific thermal clothing to forget you're wearing it.

Range of use of the UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Arc'Warm Merino Wool motorbike thermal underhelmet:

We have been able to use the Arc'Warm thermal underhelmet with good motorbike equipment, in conditions as different as temperatures below -5º and then temperatures over 20º, and we have worn it comfortably in both situations, being in cold temperatures, when it has behaved better but without detracting at all, its use in hot conditions with its exceptional self-regulation of the temperature.
Thanks to the Windstopper membrane, we never felt any air coming in from the outside.


UnderHelmet ArcticStorm Merino Wool Underhelmet Construction

The Arc'Warm Merino wool motorbike underhelmet is constructed from the finest Merino wool with a density of 285g/m2 + 285g/m2 at the nape of the neck to provide what is needed in every situation.

We have added to this exceptional product, the WindStormProof membrane, with a RET "Resistance of the fabric to the passage of moisture / perspiration" of 0.5, the maximum of breathability to prevent moisture from sweat, to stay between the layers.


Data sheet

Merino wool
Anatomically Fitted
Antrimicrobial Properties
Evacuates Moisture
Prevents itching and irritation
Self-regulating Temperature
Water repellent